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Society In Disguise...

Updated: Apr 6


Based off our recent camo collection drop as seen on our instagram page @thehlbrand. We based this drop off of how society hides there true identity from other individuals in society itself , In similarity of how Armies , Oppositions , Entity's , Use camouflaging from the opposition as a way to hide / defend there selves from the enemy of a way to fit in or blend with whatever environment there in. In today society that opposition would be from the crowd with many people not showing who they really are and what there capable of doing because a percentage is in program of the crowd , society & environment.

From my experience most of the disguising of society comes from the fear of being yourself , the fear of showing people or the world of what you genuinely like doing or what your true nature & genuine self is about or just not being true to yourself but true to the crowd due to the judgement of the opposition. The fear of people leaving you or to stop supporting you from the fact of you doing something different then what they particularly view you as of a person , From you not opening up in the beginning. Which at the end of the day one or few or many may have interest but its just the reason they do not know you have that thing in common. Either they will hang with you still of you opening to your true self or they will leave or stop supporting you cause you dont fit there narrative / relationship persona anymore but eventually you'll find people who wants different as you.

The camo collection for this drop is for the individuals who are trying to or want to differentiate from the crowd , also the ones who are already different from the crowd striving to pursue what passions , goals they want to achieve. No matter what age its never too late too break the expectations of society and follow your own dreams to do whatever YOU want to do. The HL camo is not a disguise of society but a icon of the ones who are different from society and the ones who want different.

As a movement we want everybody to chase there dreams and do whatever they want to do. As they say "You only live once" so why not just do what you really what to do instead of trying to fit in society standards?

Chase Your Dreams...

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